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Imagine the feeling know you have on-demand access to a talented team that can design, build and implement virtually anything you need online AND solve most of your tech problems with a quick email or phone call.

Well, that’s us!

We’re a successful boutique agency that’s ready and able to:

  • Solve your website problems
  • Create systems that save time & make money
  • Build sales funnels and automate your marketing
  • Build brands and products that reach more people
  • Get your website to work the way you want or build one that will

“When building a business, we inevitably reach a point where we realise that
we can’t do everything ourselves”.
Sam Ferriere

Here's How We Help

1. Build Conversion Focussed Websites

Not all websites are built the same and most web owners would never know. Using our 100 step process and 30+ handover checklist we create world class sites that you, Google and your customers love.
Visit our work websites for examples.

2. Build Fast, Automated Ecommerce Stores

We build mobile responsive, conversion focused online stores that integrate with your payment system, accounting software, delivery company and all third party social media and marketing tools.
Visit our work websites for examples.

3. Create Authentic Targeted Brands

We create the essence of you and your vision and then mix it with the visual elements and messaging that ensures your business vision is captured and communicated to your target market.

4. Plan and Build Sales Funnels

Do you want to build your database, sell a product, course or an event? We create simple sales funnels for PDF’s to complex funnels for summits with over 2,000 attendees. Visit our sister site Great Humans to see some of our sales funnels.

5. Create Beautiful Targeted Graphics

We can create all your online and offline marketing materials. Whether its a website graphic, ebook cover, brochure, business card or banner. Visit our work for examples.

6. Newsletter Design & Blogging Assistance

Consistent communication
builds trust and authority
whether its a newsletter or
blog we can help.


Tech Life

Made Easy – The Way It’s Meant To Be

The reality is most people are not technical and being creative is not everyones calling.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or just blank
out by the thought of fixing or creating anything online it’s perfectly normal.

Working online requires alot of different skills and knowedge that takes years to acquire and not all of us are built that way so if you want to start online or you’re not getting the results you hoped then the good news is we can help.

Being “techie” and “designer-ee” is our specialty and within 2 or 3 conversations we can show you the right steps in the right order, what you need and how long it will take. We speak in everyday language and answer all your questions so you there’s no confusion and only certainty making any size project faster, easier and a whole lot more enjoyable!

There's More!

7. We Solve Online Problems

Remove the confusion and overwhelm by asking us the questions your need to know. Working with clients of all sizes and industries has given us expert knowledge and skills to answer and solve most online problems.

8. Social Media Management

We know it's not easy to juggle everything and social media feels like one of those things some business don’t want to do but feel they “have to do”. If that’s you, we can help plan, organise and implement your social media making easier and faster.

9. Never Alone. Fast Ongoing Advice & Support

Our support is fast and accurate with most requests finished within 24 - 72 hours. No need to stress or follow up multiple times!


What Our Clients Say

Service is Phenomenal!

“I feel that Sam and her team have been a partner in my business and she takes my success personally. I could not recommend them highly enough”.

Saranne Segal
Founder, Segal Mediation Group
Edgecliff, Sydney

Always First Call


“19Design will always be my first call as my business develops and evolves”.

Antonio Mesiti
Senior Property Manager, The Management Agency
Surry Hills, Sydney

Updating is Now Easy!

“Sam and her team provide excellent advice that helps us attract more business”.

Andrew Mansfield
Genesis Retail Displays

Applause to You!

“Sam won’t rip you off (really anyone could tell us whatever with web stuff)”.

Dell & Ben
All Size Miracles
Arndell Park, Sydney

Takes the Stress Out!

“Sam makes my job so much easier and takes the stress out of my online world”.

Julian Noel
Founder, Shine Global

Takes the Trouble Away!

“I love working with you and your team. You take all the trouble and time it takes to get our web work done, away”.

Merryn Calear
Founder, Elegant Supplies
Bondi, Sydney

We Have 4 Types of Clients

Which One Are You?

Start Up

You’re a startup and need to get online and build your new business. You’re not sure of the steps and looking to work with an agency that knows what they’re doing and understands your vision.

Need a Makeover

You have a website but it’s outdated, you’re feeling website shame and it’s finally time to do something about it.  You either want to redesign your existing website or build a new one and need help to decide the best way forward.

Need On Call Service

You have a website but have no time (or desire) to work on it. Tech stuff is not for you. You prefer to focus on running your business and not your IT and want someone you can call on to just do it all. Saving time and getting things done is key for you.

Need More Sales

You have a website but it’s not doing as well as you had hoped. You want to help to find out how you can improve it and generate more sales.