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Trade it in and save up to $500

Need to update your website?
Then trade in your old!

Websites have been around for 20 years but just like fashion, trends change. What looked amazing 10 or even five years ago… may not be so great now!

Just like in real life, first impressions on websites are crucial. Giving the wrong first impression — no matter how good your content is — can cost you sales. So if you have been slow to change styles, too busy or low on budget; now is the time to take action!

We have discovered that like fashion, while some things must be thrown out, you don’t always have to start your wardrobe from scratch!

That’s the idea behind our new Website Trade In Service that will run from August 1st to September 30.

So how does it work?

It’s a similar concept to trading in your car; except with cars, you might buy a second hand one. In our Website Trade In Service, your website is brand new!

Simply show us your existing website. We’ll review it together page by page to discuss what’s good, what’s not, what your frustrations are and what you would like your new site to have.

If you already have branding or content you’re happy with, we can save time by repurposing these resources. Meaning, we don’t have to start the site from scratch — which is where all the time and hard work is. Together, we’ll identify what it is that needs updating.

Here are a few common trade in scenarios:

Rebrand –
This is not me anymore

Your site was done ages ago and no longer represents you. You want a complete new wardrobe but all or some of the content is still relevant.

Outdated content – I like my brand but I’ve done so much more since I launched

Your branding is good but it hasn’t been updated for a long time and you need
more content to show your authority and what you have been doing.

You’ve got more testimonials, new services, podcasts, etc. that you want to include from now on.

Functionality is your priority – I like it but it’s not functional

You like your site but you’ve either outgrown it or wish it would do things that it doesn’t. Or maybe nothing seems to work seamlessly, like a patchwork of technology that’s just causing frustration.

What’s next?

Based on our conversation and a backend review (we have tools to do that), we will provide a Trade In Valuation (TIV) plus what we call a “High Level 1 Page Proposal” outlining the steps moving forward.

You can make your site fashionable in just 3 easy steps;

  • 1 Book in for a "Trade In Valuation" on our website
  • 2 Discuss your site with me through a Zoom call
  • 3 Receive a Trade In Valuation, a 1 Page High View Proposal plus a 5 minute Loom video evaluation, within 48 hours

There is no obligation, completely no strings attached and the valuation is 100% legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work out the trade in value?

Trade in value is based on how much time we believe we will save by using content from your old site. There are many variables to consider. These are the primary ones;

• Copy – how much content needs to be added or removed; who will write the content
• Images – how many images need to be replaced
• Design – how are your pages laid out; the complexity of the design
• Pages – the number of pages you have
• Functionality – how many plugins do you have; do you have a store
• Server details – what type of server do you have

How much could I expect to save?

At the minimum $200, while the maximum could be up to $500. It will ultimately depend on your website: how much we can keep and how much time we can save.

Is it a makeover of my existing site or a brand new site?

The site you will receive is brand new using some of your existing content. Depending on your business, it will easily last you another 5 years.

How long would it take if I decide to trade in my website?

Between 4-6 weeks depending on the work we have at the time. The timeframe will begin once we have all your login details and they are verified.

How long is the valuation valid for?

Your Trade In Valuation (TIV) is valid for 30 days from the time sent.

What is our honesty policy?

Please note that the trade in value is 100% legitimate. We do not inflate new website prices. We believe that this would be blatantly dishonest, pointless and would not add any value to the work we are doing.

Why are we doing this?

We honestly believe that if we can recycle parts of your site, there would be no need to charge the whole price again.

We also love to be innovative, push boundaries and be disruptive. We know sites can be expensive for some clients and this may help

How do I pay for my new site?

Depending on the price of your site, we offer two or three-part payments.
The entire balance is due before going live.