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Shorby – Add more links to Instagram

$120 per year

Do you have an Instagram account? Of course, you do!
According to over 1 billion people have an Instagram account as of June 2018 and if you’re in business and you’re reading this, then you most likely do too.

So we all know that Instagram only allows one URL. Yes, only one and this can be extremely frustrating especially if you want to save your followers time and take them to a specific website page or special offer.

Well thankfully those frustrating days are over because now you can multiple URLs with Shorby.

Shorby is a service that provides users with a unique Shorby URL that takes your followers to a landing page that can contain up to 10 unique URLs (we don’t recommend any more than 5) making it easier and faster to direct your followers to the exact place you want them to go.

The options are endless, maybe you have a sale and want to take them to your sale page, or you offer a free coaching call or a free gift? It’s totally up to you.

So how does it work?

Simply click the contact us button and we will email a form. Once completed simply pay the yearly fee and it’s done. Allow 3 days after payment and details are received to create your Shorby URL and to add you to our account.

What’s included?

  1. Custom URL.
  2. The customised landing page to match your branding.
  3. Up to 10 URLs but we only recommend 5-7 so you don’t overwhelm your followers.
  4. 25 URL changes per year – just let us know and we will take care of any updates.

Fine Print

The account is an agency account so you cannot log in directly and change own URL’s. If you think you will need to change the URLs more regularly, then it will be best to sign up to Shorby directly.


Can I cancel?
Yes but there are no refunds.

Can I change the URLs on my Shorby page?
Yes email us and we can update your link for you.

What’s the catch?
No catch. It’s very simple. Unlike many services, this is fairly inexpensive but delivers a great result. We just add an additional service by setting it up for you which saves you time.

What if IG changes policy and allows more URLs?
While we cannot predict the future, this may be possible. If so we doubt it will be similar to this service but if not, we will stop offering the service once your 12 months is over.

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