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Newsletter Design & Sending Service

2-10 Hours p/wk or p/mth

To start, let’s get something straight newsletters still work. Despite open rates and your email being bombarded, they do work BUT there are conditions that make them work really really well. If you do this then you will certainly see an increase in your sales.

1. You must be consistent, whether its once a week, a fortnight or a month, you must commit to doing it consistently. The time frame will vary depending on your audience. A fashion newsletter could be done weekly without blinking an eye your customers will not be bothered however for a newsletter that is more “corporate” once a month would also work well.

2. The newsletter must provide valuable information that your audience really wants and will benefit from. If you’re a fashion retailer it can be more “sales” orientated with clear prices and markdowns if relevant. However, for a professional such as a lawyer or accountant emailing people within the same industry, the information is paramount and the sales part should be “softer” with a more subtle call to action included.

So what are the benefits?

1. Email is still the highest way of communicating with customers (even though your inbox is full)
2. Once set up, it’s fairly inexpensive, it just takes time.
3. You can share your knowledge and show your authority
4. If you are an e-commerce store you can save customers time and show them what you have that’s new.
5. You can repurpose the content and include it on your blog and then break it down and use parts for your social media.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 85 cm

2-10 Hours


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